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to see obama care still losing. we don't know if we can get rid of that. like the republicans have given up. there's no fight in them. we want them to cowboy up and bring the fight to the other big spenders on the other side. >> you think they have dropped the ball on that one and when it comes to sequestration they have automatic cuts they agreed to if they couldn't get to a budget agreement last year they are trying to back away from that. do you think, look, as draconian as they might be they would stick to that if they abandon it it would abad thing? >> i think it is a bad thing if they let those cuts expire. we are in the middle of a deep, deep recession if not a depression. there are 23 million people without jobs and a lot of those have given up trying to look for work. now is not the time to increase taxes on the dwindling producers in our country when we have a president that is trying to give more money away to the moochers and welfare. we need people working not sitting back receiving food stamps and unemployment. it is laughable. republicans couldndon't accept . i am going to
jobs but after all the stimulus packages, after four years of obama, we have 23, still have 23 million americans underemployed or looking for work. after $5 trillion of new debt our economy is still struggling. so, we should have the debates of the people should talk about what they believe in. then we can talk about a clear choice, the differences between the two parties. >>neil: he disagreed with my interpretation of it, in the extended one-on-one interview, but one of the things he did say, is if you develop a backbone, we as democrats should not be ashamed of what we had done, with the government initiatives we have done a lot of good so i think what he was saying he disagreed with that impact interpretation, get a backbone and embrace what we have done. do not be ashamed. what do you make of that? >>guest: i agree. we should be talking about it. but, they are going do have some explaining to do. they will is to explain to me and all other members why we are not better off than we are four years ago. >>neil: all right. thank you. thank you, mia. your opponent will be with us on fri
that began by saying that mitt romney went to the friendly confines of fox news. when obama goes on letterman it is "obama went on a show." that is the sort of thing we have seen, we have president obama, would has not had a press conference since june, who has made time in the schedule for entertainment tonight and "access hollywood," and letterman and is being treated nicer. obviously, i don't think that the resolution corps of the united states has any self respect if they are not asking for a press conference at this point. we can have the kind of serious global problems we have and they treat the late show with david letter man where he is asked how good he looks at 180 pounds, they talk about letterman naked this is somehow a press platform? that is how it was treated this morning. there was a bit of romney on fox and a bit of obama on letterman like they were both journalism programs. >>neil: people can criticize me a lot, and they do, but why care about that. i don't care about criticisms of romney if you want to go after him that is perfectly fine, but what is good for the goose shou
put on the table, puts your plan on the table. i did that. mitt romney offered a plan. president obama has don't that. he disavoided simpson-bowles and offered no alternate. we took what we liked in simpson-bowles and added more reforms. i didn't support simpson-bowles is because it didn't address the primary driver of our debt which is health care programs. health carry entitlements going bankrupt. i don't want to pass a bill to fix the fiscal crisis when i know it doesn't fits the fiscal crisis. that is why we took the good ideas and combined with necessary reforms that prevented that crisis. that is what mitt romney and i propose. we need three things: pro growth economic policies. that is what regulation and energy policy is about. spending cuts. we prepared lots different spending cuts. also, critical entitlement reforms that are market based that give people more control over their lives. it doesn't make changes for people in or near retirement but reforms programs if my generation so they are this for my generation when we retire. that is how you get ahead of the problem and pre
. it is confusing. we have a variety of polls showing a variety of things. gallup is showing obama with a six-point lead. another poll from the last ten days show it is a one-point race but obama has extended the lead in thible average to four points. with the latest round swing state polling it looks like the race has tipped in his direction for the time being. >>neil: could we have a split view of this, a 2000 deal where the popular vote going one way, and that is tight. again, this depends on the poll. the swing state polls, then, not nearly so tight, for now? i stress, for now. could you see that as a possibility? >>guest: not at the moment. look, that is always a possible. if the race -- it is the fundamental of this race that are reasserted and it tightens to the end which most people expect it to do, we could see a lot the swing states getting in position where you can create scenarios where you can end up with an electoral tie or something very close along those lines. right now, though, for the moment, the race looks like mitt romney is slipping and obama is in front. >>neil: i was t
. right now, "your world." >>neil: this is the big night for president obama, in charlotte, north carolina, and stocks today, they were up, and up a lot. next, the s&p at its highest level of the entire presidency of president obama, 242 points. there is good news and worrisome news attached to that. a startling good news on the service sector job report. in other words, services and related jobs bombing in the latest period that could be good unemployment report that comes out tomorrow morning, but, more on the worrisome side and what this has to do with the european central bank hinting they will come to the rescue europe. wall street does not flip over this, and certainly the last few years does not like the thought that europe will come to the rescue in europe. at least the european industrial bank, so, danger that -- take that as you will. and now to the original venue for the shindig, with the obamas, and bank of america stadium, this is the place that holds up to 74,000 plus and they canceled this on gears it would rain. for a while it was pounding driving rain, so, whether you are
: the scene on the floor here in charlotte, michelle obama making her way to the stage to check things out. she will be the big speaker for democrats tomorrow night. some thought she could be getting eclipses by bill clinton but that is neither here or there. officially, this convention has not kicked off. but it does so tomorrow in light of the labor day holiday, but labor will be a big issue not only for michelle obama but her husband. also, the issue of jobs. today is a market holiday, the last big holiday before everyone goes back-to-school and for a lot of people they recognize this time of the year as the start of a new year. psyche psychologically i can see that. and ahead of the national association of manufacturers. jay, that is the issue, right? labor and jobs and progress. >>guest: all about jobs. everyone is talking about jobs and manufacturing. when i talk to manufacturers from around the country they express a lost concern and uncertainty about the future, the abyss we are ready to face at the end end of this year causes great concern both this administration and previous adm
to a challenge that is a contrast between him and president obama. it is okay. he is not doing anything to undermine the president of the united states or to undermight the responsibility of bringing people to sanity around the world. governor romney is actually demonstrating responsible restraint and not trying to be part of a problem but, instead, suggesting solutions. i hope president obama has thicker skin than the demonstrators over the last 24 hours. >>neil: i hope the president has a good memory. this ring as bell from four years ago. react to this. >> george bush's wrongheaded decision to escalate the war, i am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence. >> billions have been spent for us to trust the president on another tired and failed policy. >> as some point you have to knowledge the approach we are taking is not working and try a different approach. the president's attitude has been more of the same. >> we ended up, i think, misdirecting our resources. >> in afghanistan our situation has deteriorated and we had an attack on
, this is mostly president obama debt. but the fact of the matter is, this has been a bipartisan issue we have been raising on this show, the fact that we as a nation have collectively been spending a lot more than what we are taking in. putting this in other perspective on the debt clock, when it hits $16 trillion, just to carry that, our national visa bill, it costs $240 billion a year in finance charges, without paying a deficit it off, just the finance charms to carry that sum. that is the big debate between the two parties as to how to get this under control. we will hear a lot about, are you better off four years ago, versus today? democrats have been arguing that the trend is their friend, you can take snapshots all you want but they have had 29 steady months of job growth and things are going their way. there was a wrinkle on that today with americans not feeling so optimistic and they are worse off by a margin of 2-1 than better off, in their eyes. now, austin joins me, the president's former top economic adviser, you never like to be the guy under whose watch a milestone is hit. what does
? >>guest: no question. the people of israel are very concerned about president obama getting re-elected. president obama is an ideologue with a view that is extreme left. we go back to the speech he made at cairo university in 2009. he was going to change everything. he was going to endure himself to the muslim world. what does that mean? he was going to push israel away with one hand and bring everyone closer. >>neil: quickly, then, what is your take? if making overtures to muslims does not work, versus the bush policy of just saying you are a piece of work and i will not make the overtures and they still rise up. legislation is no question in my mind that the jewish vote this time will be dramatically different from what it was four years ago where the president got 78 percent of the vote. that will not happen again. >>neil: your prediction is what? >>guest: 32 percent for the republican. >>neil: it will drop ten points? >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: in time for netanyahu but the president is making plenty of time for barbara, he and first lady will tape an interview with the l
. obama, who do i do believe approaches my position of nonaggressiveness and nonoccupation, but he has taken a different tone. he will benefit from this politically astronaut being a bomb thrower. my position generally has been that in the many years i have been here in washington, that policies, especially foreign policy, it really never changes from party to party. there is a general endorsement of us being involved. it has been going on for a long, long time. i have been working hard to try and change this at dude and have a much more pro american foreign policy and deal with the budget deficit and convince people it is not in our national self interests to have this position that we try to dictate to the world who their leaders should be and who the dictators should we and we can buy our friends. i don't believe it is possible. >>neil: there is the detail that we do not have the money, anyway, but that is a separate issue. thank you very much, ron paul. to capitol hill right now where there is a lot of talk, but, still, thought a lot of action as the nation prepares to head off wha
very much. in the meantime it is dill. ment clinton getting ready for obama in this hour. thing that is is problem wr governor romney in this case? you might want to think again. >> the dow closing at the highest level since 2007. that was in the middle of the last president's term. more stimulus from the feds is on the way. this is on the heels of some very similar news of the european central bank we will see. they love these bailouts. from chaos to clinton. they have the crucial swing state of florida. the latest push by the obama campaign to capitalize on the voters. did bill clinton get too popular for barack obama's own good. bill was the highlight not the president. steve moore says that could be a problem. >> he would love those numbers. did he a world of good for barack obama with this endorsement. i think one of the funniest lines was even i couldn't have gotten us out of this crisis in four years. >> he was a little bit arrogant. no president faces. i am thinking abraham lincoln he had a pickle. >> but i am not so sure long-term bill clinton is really that good of a s
quarter on stocks have some thinking that president obama is a "bye." if market pundits are right, mitt romney shut be scare the because a reliable barometer just turned bad for him. stocks closing out the trading month up and the latest quarter up a lot more. the dow, despite today's soft performance, surging 2 percent this month, almost double that in the last three months. stronger quarterly gains for the s&p 500 and nasdaq which means in an election year, good for the incumbent almost every election year. 39 days out, does that mean that the president is in? our market watcher says no, not when you factor the recent state of bad economic numbers. or the scores of major u.s. companies throwing workers out. larry, which is the more dominant theme? >>guest: just to illustrate that point, look no further than a country like greece on the verge of a depression, 25 percent unemployment, civil unrest, yet their stock market is up almost as much as our stock market. it shows you how disconnected main street has become from wall street in this committee. the reason for that is because of unp
allowing this to happen. you have president obama's number one fundraiser, jon corzine, whose company can now find $1.5 billion and no one is pointing at the president and saying, why are these federal policies still allowed to continue but they point out regular working people down on wall street. to be honest it is good for them let them have their day in the sun for nothingness but it seems the movement is washing away. >>neil: thank you, and fair and balanced on the other side someone who thinks the movement is not a waste of time. you heard what john was saying. what do you say? >>guest: well, i think that actually john and i agree on a couple of issues although i think the biggest place we diverge is in the idea that occupy should want to go about things the way we think they should. right in there was a great article about the tyranny of consensus that occupiers really should read and should figure out how they can thought have a centralized message because why think they need that, but, how they can wo
cast, that is our dollars and cents. >>neil: thank you very much. incredible. president obama speaking out against the violence but unlike last year when he sat down with no fewer than 12 leaders to hammer out a variety important issues, this time he had in time for one-on-one talks but for this one. >> he had a few minutes in his schedule. ai told folks i'm just supposed to be eye candy if you are watching. >>neil: something says that my guest is not impressed with eye candy or with the president popping up on "the view," and not performing more urgent role. >>guest: we have a lot going on in the middle east that is not in our favor. it seems appropriate our president would have at least met with prime minister binyamin netanyahu to show everyone in the world that israel is our number one ally throughout that area and we are dedicated to supporting him. meet with president morsi from egypt and talk about what happened there. maybe meet with the president from libya. to not meet with anyone but the people on "the view" sends a emergency it is more about politics. >>neil: i don't know t
. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. i am wondering if what this is saying for president obama is that people are going to look at their financial statements, if they are lucky enough to have accounts and they are up, or they will look at their home values if they are lucky enough to have a home going up in value and they feel, on paper, some of this wealth affect we hear about. you dismiss that? >>guest: well, it is a good point that perhaps what this is telling us is that bernanke at the federal reserve is throwing the kitchen sink at this to stimulate it through the economy, through the election, and stimulate us through the fiscal cliff which could lead to asession down the line. the question is, are investors going to look at main street data and see the weakness which business owners see each day or will it look at the 401(k) state? the short run the 401(k) sames are powerful. in the long run, the economic data is reality. we know that the federal reserve alone cannot solve the world's problems. you have to have harmony in washington, you have to have uni in washington an
.4%. but worse than that, if partial this month was the same at when president obama came into office, that is to say if people had as much hope of finding a job today as they had when he came into office, unemployment would be 11.2%. that is devastating. people have to understand that what this president is giving america is a loss of hope and a loss of confidence. the only thing i think that can start fixing this economy is to return hope with people beginning to feel comfortable that mitt romney will be elected. if not, you'll get intel like reports from everybody. >> you know this in and out but the advisor in the report based it on the number of available in the workforce. when they opt out it changes. the unemployment rate went down. you know the i idiosyncrasies. people say there's a chance the unemployment rate could be under 8% not for the right or good reasons but it could help the president this fall. >> yeah, i am aware that -- if it crawls under 8%, the president is going to timeout -- tout it as something fantastic but he's not going to be able to convince 23 million ame
to the usual demonstration. it was just foolishness on their part. the whole message of the obama administration is, they got bin laden so, therefore, you don't have to worry about extremists and al qaeda. the fact is, this was probably from an al qaeda affiliated or al qaeda organization in benghazi that carried out a very well orchestrated attack. it results in the tragedy that took the lives of four brave americans. again, it is incredible to blame the video. the video is not to blame. the people that are pushing the video, the people that are using the video as a way of inflaming passions throughout the middle east. how many more videos are this going to be? finally, what about freedom of speech? we still believe that people, as long as they do not commit a crime, are allowed to have freedom of speech. we should stand up for that. >>neil: now it has spread to the other countries and whether it is the video or the follow-up on what happened in libya, it almost gives the appearance of the whole middle east being on fire. what do you think of the way things stand going into what
are they taking all of this? >> the obama administration ripped into governor romney and one of the spokesperson it was wrong to in his words politicize the situation which was still unfolding last evening. today the president himself in the rose garden didn't want to get into any of that political stuff. he didn't engage mitt romney directly on the questions he has been pushing over the last 24-hours about whether or not in the initial violence in cairo whether or not the u.s. embassy errored in suggesting this was di tied to an anti muslim movie and somehow there was something to apologize for. that is something mitt romney has jumped all over. what the president was trying to do is talk about how he is vowing there will be justice done in this case. take a listen. >> today we mourn for more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done after this terrible mistake. make no mistake justice will be done. >> i have spoken to other officials they have gotten early signs from the obama administration to senato
obama, he said that independents are responding to the message that the president is in over his head. he said obama said that unemployment wouldn't go above 8% if he got his stimulus money. we know that unemployment has been above 8% the entire time in office. he has been utter disappointment to all americans, black, white, hispanics. we need to see the mitt romney unplugged we saw in that videotape because that is true. >> neil: a lot of look at that could be offended. pat, i'll raise this with you, he was saying it's a simple fact. we know it's a 50/50 nation and he just spelled it out. is he right about that, there is certain base he can give up on? >> you don't give up on votes. he is getting a lot of them. it disagree the way he said in the video was awful. first one we have to have a social safety net. we are headed to a country that is headed that way. is that what you want to live on? and go back to the convention speech, the theme we talked which ask when he said, your children's future will be worse. you want them living like this. the numbers are overwhelming. he needs to
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Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)